KALA Pacific Walnut Tenor – Ukulele Review

KALA Pacific Walnut Tenor Ukulele Review & Demo


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In this review, we will examine the pros and cons of the KALA Pacific Walnut Tenor ukulele. This ukulele was provided by Uke Republic and comes equipped with an in-house set-up ensuring optimal play-ability and intonation. Let's find out how this ukulele stacks up!

The Pros

As you can see in the pictures above, this is a beautifully crafted ukulele. It features a gorgeous dark brown wood grain that contrasts the light brown body. I particularly like the black binding across the front and back sides of the ukulele. In terms of looks, this ukulele rivals many high-end ukes, such as my Kanile'a K-1. The fit and finish of this ukulele is superb. I am continually impressed with Kala's quality control. I have yet to see or play a poor example. (Check out our review on the Makala MK-S, a $50 ukulele)

The standout quality of this ukulele is its tone produced by fingerpicking. Notes ring and sustain with a sweet tonal quality, yet they also maintain a crystal clear clarity.

The Cons

The only issue I have with this ukulele lies in the tonal quality when strumming chords. To my ear, the clarity of the notes are muddied up when strumming is executed. Walnut wood tends to produce a brighter tone and perhaps this is why I believe strumming is a bit too treble heavy for my liking.

The Bottom Line

I would recommend this ukulele for the beginner to intermediate player looking for a great instrument for performing fingerstyle pieces. It is relatively affordable and makes for a great addition to an ukulele collection. If you are a seasoned intermediate ukulele player and up, I would suggest to shop around the $250-500 price range. There are lots of great ukulele's on the market in that range that offer superior versatility in that they will make for a better all around (fingerpicking and strumming) ukulele.

Street Price: $154.

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Article by: Andrew Hardel