Navigating the Fretboard – ML002

Navigating the Fretboard – Mini Lesson: 002

Helpful Tips

This mini etude will teach you how to play throughout the entire span of the neck while maintaining a steady and swung rhythmic feel. For beginners, it can be challenging to navigate the fretboard since most beginner pieces keep you glued to frets 0 to 3. In this etude, we’ll break out of this box and venture all the way up to the 10th fret.

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We’ll start by memorizing the dots on the fretboard. These dots are typically referred to as markers and are placed as follows:

1st Dot: 3rd Fret
2nd Dot: 5th Fret
3rd Dot: 7th Fret
4th Dot: 10th Fret
5th Dot: 12th Fret (a.k.a the double dot)

Memorizing which dot correlates to which fret eliminates any guessing work as to which fret you are playing.

P.S. Click HERE to learn a full-length song that jumps up and down the fretboard!

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