“Soothing Baritone” – Rock Class 101

Below is the lesson for “Soothing Baritone” by Rock Class 101.

Helpful Tips

Learn a relaxing composition for baritone ukulele that’s perfect for the seasoned beginner. This piece begins with “cowboy chords”. That’s a term we used in music college for basic chord shapes… i.e. chords you learn in the first few weeks of playing ukulele. What’s interesting about this piece, is that when you move beyond the beginning of the fretboard (frets 0-3), you’ll be introduced to new chord shapes that aren’t quite so common.

These chord shapes provide a dexterity challenge for your left hand, but also color the composition with interesting tones. Which makes this piece a great way to baby-step into playing songs that are more challenging.

* Bonus Lesson: This song also introduces the concept of Rubato. Wondering what it is and how to use? Check out this lesson to find out!

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