Technique Toolbox

Technique Toolbox

Course Description

'Technique Toolbox' contains a collection of mini-courses, with each focusing on teaching you one technique for ukulele! Each course will be placed in one of two categories: Traditional Techniques or Stylistic Techniques.

1) Traditional Techniques - These are the fundamental techniques that create the backbone of ukulele playing. In this category, we'll cover simple techniques such as: hammer-ons and pull-offs; to more advanced techniques, such as: triplet picking.

Current courses available: Clawhammer Technique

2) Stylistic Techniques - As the name implies, these are specialty techniques which add pizzazz to a performance! For example, we'll look at multiple ways to produce harmonics (a bell-like tone) on the fretboard.

Current courses available: Natural & Artificial Harmonics

Each course will be laid out in a format consisting of 3 parts. The first part is an introductory lesson, which teaches you the mechanics behind executing the technique. Next, you'll learn multiple exercises that help to deeply embed the new techniques into your playing repertoire. Lastly, the third part can be thought of as a mini-etude. This is where you’ll put the technique to use by using it in a chord melody!

Upon completing each course, you'll walk away with a newly learned skill that not only increases the dexterity of your hands, but also your musicianship!

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Clawhammer Technique

Module 1 What Is Clawhammer Technique?

In this module, we'll take a look at the history of clawhammer technique, including: what it is and where it originated from.

Unit 1 Course Overview (FREE LESSON)
Module 2 The 3 Steps For Performing Clawhammer Technique

In this module, we'll break down the three steps in performing clawhammer technique as they relate to the three elements of music: Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony.

Unit 1 Step 1: Creating MELODY via the Index or Middle Finger (FREE LESSON)
Unit 2 Step 2: Creating RHYTHM via the Thumb (FREE LESSON)
Unit 3 Step 3: Creating HARMONY via the Brush Stroke (FREE LESSON)
Module 3 Next Level Clawhammer Technique

In these two exercises, you'll add chords to the mix to mimic clawhammer playing in songs.

Unit 1 Exercise #1 - Melody
Unit 2 Exercise #1 - Rhythm
Unit 3 Exercise #1 - Harmony
Unit 4 Exercise #2 - Melody
Unit 5 Exercise #2 - Rhythm
Unit 6 Exercise #2 - Harmony
Module 4 Putting It All Together

In this module, you'll combine all three steps to perform the clawhammer technique in two bluegrass tunes and one étude.

Unit 1 "Clawhammer Etude"
Unit 2 "Cornbread and Butterbeans" (Easy Version)
Unit 3 Capstone Performance Piece: "Cornbread and Butter Beans" (Advanced Version)
Unit 4 "Shortnin' Bread" (Easy Version)
Unit 5 Capstone Performance Piece: "Shortnin' Bread" (Advanced Version)
Unit 6 Course Wrap Up


Natural & Artificial Harmonics

Module 1 What Are Harmonics?

In the course overview, we'll look at how our ears perceive sound and how this plays a role in defining the two types of harmonics.

Unit 1 Course Overview (FREE LESSON)
Module 2 Natural Harmonics

In this module, you'll learn one technique for performing natural harmonics.

Unit 1 Mechanics Breakdown: Natural Harmonics (FREE LESSON)
Unit 2 Exercise #1 (FREE LESSON)
Unit 3 Exercise #2
Unit 4 Exercise #3
Module 3 Artificial Harmonics

In this module, you'll learn two techniques for performing artificial harmonics.

Unit 1 Mechanics Breakdown: PLUCKED Artificial Harmonics (FREE LESSON)
Unit 2 Mechanics Breakdown: TAPPED Artificial Harmonics (FREE LESSON)
Unit 3 Exercise #1
Unit 4 Exercise #2
Unit 5 Exercise #3
Unit 6 Exercise #4
Unit 7 Mini-Etude
Module 4 Putting It All Together

In this module, you'll learn a classic song that is performed entirely by using natural and artificial harmonics. Finally, you'll learn to tastefully incorporate harmonics into your day-to-day playing.

Unit 1 Capstone Performance Piece: "Amazing Grace"
Unit 2 Course Wrap Up