“Waltz in C” – Ferdinando Carulli

Below is the lesson for “Waltz in C” by Ferdinando Carulli.

Helpful Tips

A classical waltz with a playful melody that serves as a perfect challenge for the seasoned beginner. There are two areas of study in which this piece excels at; one is technique and the other is movement. One of the techniques used is staccato, which are detached, short notes that add a unique articulation to the music. Another technique that is used is legato slides (covered in our Beginner’s Course), which can be thought of as the opposite of staccato in that you are performing a passage in a smooth, flowing manner without breaks between notes.

This piece also sees us performing throughout the entire span of the neck, i.e. movement. This is great because it helps break us away from playing notes and chords predominantly in the beginning of the neck (frets 1-5).

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