Your First Ukulele Lesson – EP040

Your First Ukulele Lesson

Live Lessons EP040 - Published March 12, 2022

Are you beginning your ukulele journey? Or maybe you've played for awhile and need to recap the fundamentals? If you answered yes to either, then this video is for you!

We'll cover everything you need to know to become familiar with your new instrument and start learning how to play right away!

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The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Ukulele

Whether you’re just starting out on the ukulele or are a more advanced player wanting a recap of the fundamentals to make sure you haven’t missed anything critical that could slow your development, this course is for you! You’re going to learn about the ukulele itself, strumming, fingerpicking, chords, reading tab, and putting it all together to play your first songs!

Featuring a comprehensive curriculum, this course takes you right from the start then guides you through the key aspects of playing. This is the perfect resource for every ukulelist.

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