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@sir_anzalot Good to know re the RC-1 I had no idea. Given that my $35 looper has 9 memory slots it’s odd why they would not implement that. What I also like about the RC-1 (maybe you can confirm) its that you can operate it with battery (less wires is always good).

What I would love is a way to control different loops… For instance on my $35 loop I can stack loops and delete/redo so I can record a drum beat, hold down the button delete it and then bring it back with another press of the button.. But if I stack another loop on top of it the drum beat is permanently embedded in the loop. This is slightly annoying as often you’re bringing the loop to a climax and then back down again… However, with everything stacked you just cant do this.. I’ve seen other loopers with more pedals and I am guessing you can seperatae the loops onto different pedals i.e Percussion on one.

Something I may look into..