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    I just brought a LEKATO loop pedal for $35. Pretty easy to use here is my first loop. Definitely recommended for a cheap intro.


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    Thanks for this. I have been contemplating what loop pedal to get. I don’t think I need anything too fancy but for some reason I think of the boss loop station products as the go to but an inexpensive alternative would mean I could fit it into the budget now.

    Any complaints on the product so far?


    @surferjay There is a message that says video is unavailable. I bought that pedal and it works great.

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    Honestly it’s really good value. No complaints whatsoever.


    1. You can create loops.
    2. When you turn it off the loops are saved (on the Boss it does not save).
    3.You can copy backing tracks to it so have backing tracks on demand and portable (without the need for internet/phone).
    4. You can copy your loops to a computer and share them. So I could record a loop send it to you and you can use it as a backing track or add to it and send it back to me.
    5. The interface is really helpful and you can easily tells where you are in the loop.
    6. It’s really cheap.

    The Bad.
    I have no complaints but..

    1. It can be difficult to copy some backing tracks if they are not compressed enough. I’ve always managed in the end but you have to shrink their size and save them as a WAV.

    2. The output is Mono. Sounds decent to me.

    3. I’ve heard that if you are importing the loops into editing software there are issues with sound. I have no idea if this is true.

    Overall it’s cheap enough to see if looping is for you. I would upgrade it if there was something better but there really isn’t for what I need all the more expensive Boss models have lots of features like built in drum beats more slots, loop reverse.. I just don’t need that.

    I’m pretty much using loops exclusively now when I play. It’s jus a more immersive experience (for me). Im planning to do a sweet child of mine loop using Evans tab on here but it’ll have to wait as I have so much to learn on here also 🙂

    Let me know how you get on 😎

    Here is clip of the Loop Pedal.

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    I recorded this loop this morning for you 🙂 As you can see the display is really interactive and lets you know what stage of the loop you’re at and also what mode you are in i.e Record/Overdub etc.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    Another sample of with the cheapest loop pedal out there!


    Minor correction on what @surferjay said about the Boss (assuming you’re talking about the basic RC-1) looper in the pro / con section: It has no memory function in the sense that you can permanently store your recordings in an alloted memory space, that’s right. But the last session you record is always stored even if you turn it off / disconnect it from power. You always have to deliberately erase everything if you want to start from scratch. I’m using that one and I can attest to that =)

    That said, I still think starting out with a looper for 35 bucks is a good idea! That way you can check if you dig the whole concept and if so, upgrade to a more advanced one later on. The RC-1 is still pretty steep for what it does. I’m going to be upgrading to the Boss RC-5 sooner or later. That one has better sampling, an in-built drum machine as well as dedicated memory.


    @sir_anzalot Good to know re the RC-1 I had no idea. Given that my $35 looper has 9 memory slots it’s odd why they would not implement that. What I also like about the RC-1 (maybe you can confirm) its that you can operate it with battery (less wires is always good).

    What I would love is a way to control different loops… For instance on my $35 loop I can stack loops and delete/redo so I can record a drum beat, hold down the button delete it and then bring it back with another press of the button.. But if I stack another loop on top of it the drum beat is permanently embedded in the loop. This is slightly annoying as often you’re bringing the loop to a climax and then back down again… However, with everything stacked you just cant do this.. I’ve seen other loopers with more pedals and I am guessing you can seperatae the loops onto different pedals i.e Percussion on one.

    Something I may look into..


    The battery thing is correct and one of the reasons I went for it. I’m selecting all my gear with that in mind because I want to be able to go out busking as soon as I feel up for it 🙂

    The whole undo / redo / delete thing you described is pretty much the same for any looper with just one track. If you want more than that you gotta get one with seperated channels. There is the TC Electronic Ditto X4 which is one on the more reasonable priced side of things in that department but I don’t have any experience with that one. Another option one could go for is the Digitech Trio+ Band Creator. You only have one loop on that one as well, but can toggle Bass and / or Drums to accompany you in different styles. Everything else which is recommandable from there with distinct channels starts at 500 – 600 Bucks and only gets even pricier.

    But of course there is always the option to just get multiple “small” loopers and put them together in the signal chain 😉
    EDIT: You have to be careful about the order you set them up / record stuff in here though to not record again what one looper is already looping.

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    The Ditto x4 looks perfect. Literally nice and compact with everything you need to control the loops.

    I’m in the market for a new Uke that will have to wait but definitely added to my list of things I want to add to my setup.


    Sooo. Just wanted to update this thread.

    I’ve been upgrading slowly my setup and splashed out on New Uke/Misi Pickup & LR Baggs DI Box. The sound quality is off the scale.

    I didn’t plan on changing my LEKATO looper as it is really functional BUT..

    1. When I plugged it in with the DI box it started to create hummmmmmmm.

    2. The sound without the loop pedal was crystal clear as if I had new ears that could perceive music in different frequencies.. with the loop pedal connected the sound became muted/Lofi if I’m being generous.

    So after a bit of research I purchased a Boss RC 5. Plugged it in today & OMG.

    The sound is crystal clear and does not seem to suppress any of the sound from the DI. Most importantly there is no humming.

    There are lots of additional features on the RC5 that are not on the LEKATO as you would expect given the price difference. But additional features aside I’m guessing the limitation of the pedal is only realised when refining your sound.

    P.s I didn’t buy the Ditto x4 in the end due to all the problems people are reporting online.

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