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Possibly I don’t even understand myself in regards to the tuning haha

I think where I got confused in the beginning of my Uke journey. Is that the tuning of the Uke is in C.. which confused me as I could then not work out how you played songs in another key without changing the tuning but to summarise..

1. The tuning of the Uke standard tuning is C. However this really only means that if you play what we know to be a C chord it’s a C. It does not mean every song is in C because we can play different chords to change the key of the song regardless of the tuning.

2. Putting a Capo in the first fret is the same as tuning up half a step. Placing a Capo on the second fret is the same as tuning up a whole step i.e Tuning from G to A.

You can do one or the other or both 🙂 athe only thing I notice is the tension gets really hard when tuning UP to much which I don’t like for finger picking but have a mess around and see what you like.

Most importantly take any advice from me with a pinch of salt as I’m making it all up as I go along haha

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