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    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know where I can find the tabs or a tutorial for Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street”? Especially the beginning sax intro. I’m wondering how it might sound on our ukes. Thanks!


    I don’t know, but I’d love to learn this too. 🙂


    Try This from Jim’s Song Book

    Baker Street
    artist:Gerry Rafferty writer:Gerry Rafferty
    Levenshulme HUGE Songbook

    Intro : [G] [Eb] [F] [G] [Eb] [F] [G] [Eb] [F]
    kazoo over [D] [F] [D] [F] [C] [A] [G]
    [A] Winding your way down on Baker Street – [Asus4]
    [A] Light in your head, and dead on your feet
    Well an [Em] other crazy day, you [G] drink the night away
    And [D] forget about [Dsus4] every[D]thing
    [A] This city desert makes you feel so cold,
    its [Asus4] got [A] so many people but its got no soul
    And it’s [Em] taken you so long to [G] find out you were wrong
    When you [D] thought it held [Dsus4] every[D]thing.
    [Dm7] You used to think that it was [Am7] so easy,
    [Dm7] You used to say that it was [Am7] so easy
    But [C] you’re trying, [G] you’re trying [D] now [Dsus4]
    [Dm7] Another year and then you’d [Am7] be happy,
    [Dm7] Just one more year and then you’d [Am7] be happy
    But [C] you’re crying, [G] you’re crying [A] now [F]
    kazoo over [D] [F] [D] [F] [C] [A] [G] x2
    [A] Way down the street there’s a lot in his place, [Asus4]
    [A] He opens the door, he’s got that look on his face
    And he [Em] asks you where you’ve been, you [G] tell him who you’ve seen
    And you talk [D] about anything
    [A] He’s got this dream about buying some land, [Asus4] he’s gonna
    [A] Give up the booze and the one night stands
    And then he’ll [Em] settle down, it’s a [G] quiet little town
    And for [D] get about everything
    [Dm7] But you know he’ll always [Am7] keep moving,
    [Dm7] You know he’s never gonna [Am7] stop moving
    ‘Cause [C] he’s rolling, [G] He’s the rolling [D] stone [Dsus4]
    [Dm7] And when you wake up it’s a [Am7] new morning,
    [Dm7] The sun is shining it’s a [Am7] new morning
    And [C] you’re going, [G] you’re going home [A] [F]
    (kazoo over) [D] [F] [D] [F] [C] [A] [G]
    [G] [Eb] [F]
    (kazoo over) [D] [F] [D] [F] [C] [A] [G] x2

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