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    I am trying to fit the C major triads into compact shapes. (Can’t find this anywhere) I started from the low C on the G string for the first one. This seems wrong although it fits down the center of the neck, it seems like a 7 fret span is too large?

    (Number in ()’s is string # below. Other numbers are the tab. Low G)

    I -CEG (4)5,9 (3)7
    ii -DFA (4)7 (3)5,9
    iii -EGB (3)4,7 (2)7
    IV -FAC (3)5,9 (2)8
    V -GBD (3)7 (2)7,10
    vi -ACE (2)5,8 (1)7
    vii° -BDF (2)7 (1)5,8

    Since there’s 6 instances of each natural note on my uke (16 frets, -basically 6.. D!😫..) Should I be trying to jam everything in smaller patterns based around each root?

    If the above is correct, I should be able to do this in at least 3 spots right? Open middle and high?


    I’m not trying to be a pain btw. I just need to know if i’m on the right track please? (And if trying to jam triads in the tiniest areas possible is actually useful eventually overall, or a waste of time.)

    I need to do “something” like this in F major to understand what’s going on with that frustrating walk-up 14 seconds into the St. Elsewhere Theme. I’m not asking randomly. I’ve been working really hard to figure this out.


    If I add in the 7th to the above I should make sure to keep it a higher note than the rest of the triad right? (For basic key memorization purposes not possible inversions and whatever else happens when the notes are stirred up. I should keep the notes to build it in order to keep the 7th out of the basic triad order?)

    Example: So the building blocks would be CEGB or 5(4),9(4),7(3),7(2) To keep it in the fretboard area I have (hopefully correctly) set above?


    Realized if no one can help here with the first question it says 3 weeks ago, no one can likely help with the second! LOL!

    -could you delete this thread so I can ask somewhere else please? 🙏💖 I really need help.

    (Proper internet etiquette not to ask the same question multiple places.)


    Hi Becky, unfortunately this falls outside of our support scope, but it is something that Stephen could help you with in a Skype lesson.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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