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    I am trying to fit the C major triads into compact shapes. (Can’t find this anywhere) I started from the low C on the G string for the first one. This seems wrong although it fits down the center of the neck, it seems like a 7 fret span is too large?

    (Number in ()’s is string # below. Other numbers are the tab. Low G)

    I -CEG (4)5,9 (3)7
    ii -DFA (4)7 (3)5,9
    iii -EGB (3)4,7 (2)7
    IV -FAC (3)5,9 (2)8
    V -GBD (3)7 (2)7,10
    vi -ACE (2)5,8 (1)7
    vii° -BDF (2)7 (1)5,8

    Since there’s 6 instances of each natural note on my uke (16 frets, -basically 6.. D!😫..) Should I be trying to jam everything in smaller patterns based around each root?

    If the above is correct, I should be able to do this in at least 3 spots right? Open middle and high?


    I’m not trying to be a pain btw. I just need to know if i’m on the right track please? (And if trying to jam triads in the tiniest areas possible is actually useful eventually overall, or a waste of time.)

    I need to do “something” like this in F major to understand what’s going on with that frustrating walk-up 14 seconds into the St. Elsewhere Theme. I’m not asking randomly. I’ve been working really hard to figure this out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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