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    So… I’ve been on the hunt for a new Uke. Something a bit better than my Kala Laminates. I was looking at the Pono Tenor’s but with a pickup, solid wood construction and delivery/taxes to where I am (the middle east) I could have brought a new car 🙂

    After a bit of local searching I found the Cordoba 24t-CE Tenor Ukulele. Wow it’s a different level to anything I have ever owned. It sounds incredible (through an amp and without). The sound quality is night and day over the laminates I own whilst being cheap enough to throw in a bag and take on a trip. Very happy 🙂

    But.. I wanted to buy an amp for it.. The guy in the shop took me to the $1000.00 dollar section and told me it’s what I needed. A bit confused I pointed at the cheaper ones. They stated that those were for electric guitars and there would be to much feedback on an acoustic. Needless to say I left without an amp and am looking on Amazon..

    So my question is can I not buy any amp.. I appreciate in an acoustic amp there are tweeters etc for more suitable acoustic melodies but surely the mid range in any amp although not perfect would be ok for home practise…


    I have the old model of this one and pretty much everyone I know uses it for their acoustic setup/gigs. It’s awesome, WAY more affordable than what the sales guy pointed out, and its got reverb and chorus built in!


    The Fishman loud box mini is pretty awesome and would be a great acoustic amp for all home and small venue purposes. I highly recommend it. I have the charge with a optional battery and it lasts a long time on a charge. I see Matt has one also. They know what they are doing. They are simple and the sound is great.


    That’s awesome I’m going to check it out. I’ve found a few places locally which sell it also. Thank you for all the information 🙂


    So I purchased a cheap practice amp in the end from Amazon. The amp is ok sound wise what you would expect. However… There is a lot of feedback from the amp which means you can’t really turn it up loud enough to play.

    I’ve done all of the normal things (turned the amp away, turned down the gain, volume down on Uke up on Amp etc) it just won’t go away.

    What I noticed is the only time it goes is if I put my finger on the actual metal cable end of the cable (that plugs into the Uke). I’m guessing this is grounding it somehow.

    I’m wondering if i changed the cable (it’s a new one) the problem would go away. I don’t recall having that humming when I plugged it into the amp in the shop.

    Maybe the amp is just complete rubbish haha.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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