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    Any other Cordoba fans out there? I decided on the Cordoba tenor 22T-CE for my first uke and I love it.


    Very nice! I have a Mahogany top Cordoba 20CM Concert Uke. It is my first and only uke (so far). After my mom saw mine, she got herself a prettier Spruce top Cordoba concert uke. They are both very nice ukes for a good price. I like the sound of mine a little better. Mine is mellower, hers is brighter.


    Nice ukes guys!

    I want to upgrade my uke.. but i want to get the melodic sounds that you hear on some martins or kanilea, like the one of our teacher (the Kanile’a one). Do you think i can find this at cordoba?


    I would recommend an instrument thats solid mahogany or koa (acacia is also can be a good alternative) Kanile’a makes amazing ukuleles.
    You may also want to check out KoAloha Opios too on the value side .


    I love my Cordoba Ukes. I have two Baritone ukes a 20BM and a 23B. I also recently purchased a Cordoba Mini SM-CE travel electric acoustic. Finding this site Andrew has started was great and I have been able to use his lessons with some modifications to really improve my playing on the Baritone.


    I have a concert sized Cordoba. Got it from a cousin who couldn’t play it anymore. (MS sucks) I also have a concert Makala. I like them both. The Cordoba feels more finished and I enjoy using it for the classical songs that sometimes pop up on RC101. The Makala has a spunky sound. The Cordoba has a mellow sound.


    I bought a Cordoba 20SM from Amazon, but it arrived damaged, with peeling finish. I returned.


    I just got a Cordoba 24B. Very, very pleased with it. Gorgeous uke, sweet mellow tone. it came very well set up, good intonation, nice action.
    I’m just a beginner, but I spend way more time plucking and strumming away than I should.


    Hi there,
    I bought a Cordoba 20TM-CE… its a Tenor electric cutaway with a solid Mahogany top. Its beautifully mellow and i find it great for finger picking especially classical/spanish type tunes (am a bit of a newbie so still learning to play). I got it for a good price second hand so couldn’t resist….despite the fact that i bought a new Kala STG (tenor sold spruce top) not long before. The Kala has a brighter sound (well built and nice looking) but find I’m using the Cordoba more as i like its mellow sound and easy action. Just broke a string on the Cordoba and tempted to get a Low G set to try out.



    My 5th (and most recent) uke is a Cordoba 35T-CES; couldn’t be happier with it. I think of it as my “Spanish” uke (Pepe Romero, Jr. designed it with an approach from a Spanish classical guitar building perspective). It’s very lightweight, has a Spanish heel neck joint and a little wider fingerboard versus my other ukes, which really helps with fingerstyle playing. Great sound, as well, it really resonates. My wife told me it is louder than my other ukes (she could hear the difference from another room). Anyway, it’s awesome and I’m about to jump into the “Spanish Ukulele” lesson with it, can’t wait!

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