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    I slept for two hours the other night and woke up around midnight.

    Most people have insomnia and watch TV or maybe some might drink, eat, or read a book.. You know you’re a little weird when you wake up and say to yourself:
    “I can do this!!” Then attempt to learn to take a piano song and make a ukulele chord melody song through the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, I learned something, but not what I set out to do. 😉

    Just thought I’d share this in case others have insomnia and decide to apply barely learned music theory at 3am. I took a bunch of notes, figured out the simple intro and the notes the singer is using on vocals, learned those roman numerals are just a marker for any scale, then when assigned to a scale they are turned into chords. ( I assigned them, but can’t apply them yet lol!) After that, it started getting more and more complicated with root notes and switching major to minor chords in the G major scale to convey emotion and why the piano part of the song is using chords the rules said can’t be used in the key of G.. Err, huh? … 😕😣😢 …
    Anyway thought someone might get a laugh at the strange overly complicated things I decide to do when I can’t sleep and it turns into: “What on EARTH was I thinking??!”

    Apologies for the picture quality. Sleep well everyone!

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    So Becky, I suggest you learn the song “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”. I have a form of insomnia…I deep sleep in 2 and 3 hour increments but I also take 2 daytime naps per day. Ha. Just a sleeping fool.


    Wow! It is official now: you are insane, but in a really good way!!!
    That is a crazy, awesome achievement in the wee small hours – I am so impressed!




    Rofl miztaken! That made me laugh so hard. I will never deny being a little crazy lol! It doesn’t feel like a victory but at least I learned… something…

    Ricky – Not quite the reason I was awake 😉 but I did have a friend playing ukulele and singing ‘It’s a mad world’ to me on my phone the other night, so it does have bothered and bewildered going for it, though a different definition of bothered😉 And yes bewitched because I seem to be under this tiny stringed instrument’s spell LoL! Funny enough the song I was trying to convert was ‘coin operated boy’ almost the polar opposite of ‘Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered’ but that song seems like it would work really well as a chord melody song, or at least as a ukulele song and no one’s done it….

    Gads… Shutting up now and finishing the laundry


    Becky, lol. I thought of B,B,and B just for that same reason but……’s one that would really fit the bill and it would be pretty unique. Don’t know if it’s uke-plausible..


    Ricky- There ya go! That’s me every night!

    Also good to know you have drunk friends who sing to you on the phone at 2am!
    (Joking! I know what you meant lol, I just couldn’t help adding that since your comment was written vaguely and it left me a wide open door to give you a hard time. 😇)

    As for uke-plausibility, not so sure. The guitar riffs around the 1:40 mark, might be though. (That’s an awesome song btw 😁)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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