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    I thought some people might be interested in this. I have tinnitus pretty bad and was curious how much high frequency I lost to age and damage.

    Do NOT listen to any of these blasting, especially if you have any form of tinnitus. I explain below the link, but it’s just rambling.

    Hearing Test – Can You Hear This?

    I listened to these on a cruddy fire tablet speaker without headphones and the last one I could ‘hear’ was 14k. (At normal tablet volume for me. The tablet plays at least most of the ones above 14k. The poor chihuahuas looked at the tablet in horror and were like ‘i’m out of here!’ When I played them.)

    HOWEVER I think my tinnitus is ‘tuned’ to one or more of the frequencies above, but close to, the 14k because some of them really hurt!!

    Even though I couldn’t ‘hear’ anything it felt like someone was jamming sharpened toothpicks in my eardrums with a few of those that must be in tune with the tinnitus or something. This probably explains why some machine noises drive me beyond insane. I thought I was just crazy. (When you ask someone in alarm “what IS THAT noise!” and they look at you blankly and are blissfully unaware of what you are hearing lol.)

    Anyway just wanted to share because it’s kind of interesting to know where your cut off might be.


    The last one I could hear was 10khz. That’s not so good.

    I might have to get a service chihuahua for those higher frequencies.

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    I used to have really good high-frequency hearing, but not anymore it seems. I can hear 15khz but not 16khz.


    Wow, interesting little test.
    I can barely hear 12khz, and only managed to hear that after I watched the blue slider to recognise when it was playing.
    No wonder the Princes Highway just sounds like waves 😁


    This is really cool, 17 was the last I could hear.


    Well… that test is a bit weird!
    This morning I could hear up to 19, but not 15…?!?!


    At first I couldn’t hear anything past 8, but I got out my good headphones and got up to 12. 14 I think I felt but can’t say I actually heard.


    Planetfink- I can’t say I ever want to feel one of these again lol!

    Miztaken- That’s odd.. Although if you read the comments under the actual test other people did have frequency skipping issues. If you have any tinnitus it could be your tinnitus was what I call, ‘tuned’ to the missing frequency maybe? It seems to change tone on me at least. There’s more tests like this btw, both for low and high. I can’t do the bass tests until I get good headphones. My tablet and netbook don’t exactly have any bass lol. I wouldn’t stress about results though. This is just for fun/curiosity. 😁


    When I had the volume set to a normal-ish level, I couldn’t hear past 15 kHz. With the volume turned all the way up on headphones, I could hear up to 21 kHz. Then silence after that. What a fascinating little test.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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