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    I thought this might be helpful if anyone is doing any ear training. Just found this guy on YouTube a few days ago. He has a great sense of humor too! 😂

    In my own experience, I didn’t really know a great way to really work on ear training, other than the programs that play a note and you punch the interval. (Those are great, find one you like) For whatever reason I think this video is excellent at demonstrating how to really practice it that fills in some gaps I was missing from other sources.

    Hope it helps someone!

    Edited to add: This is the ear trainer program I like, the ability to swap from piano layout to guitar layout is not something they can all do.

    This one only works on a desktop, or in “desktop mode” inside the browser on other devices. (Again, just go search for one you like if this doesn’t float your boat. There’s a bunch of them.)


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    That’s Tomo Fujita! He’s a Berklee professor and a blues master! A couple or few weeks ago I shared the blues solos I learned from him (I’ll link it below). His phrasing and note choice is brilliant.

    He’s a great teacher, you can def learn a lot from him. This subject does require an understanding of it before using the ear training programs, but if you are looking for one that’s very good – check out Rick Beato’s ear training program. I purchased it and it’s very well done!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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