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    Hey y’all.

    I’m working on FP etude#3 and keep flubbing the chord change between bar 2 and 3! Anyone else who has done this etude, I’d appreciate any help. I’m trying to position my left thumb behind the neck toward the top to sort of “push” my fretting fingers into position faster but it throws the tempo off. I slow it down until I can do it smoothly but every time I speed up, I mess up again. I watched Andrew’s video a million times and can’t see anything special that he’s doing, his fingers just perfectly and flawlessly go where they need to be. How are you all getting this down. If you’ve done this piece, what magic do I have to perform to get it down. Thanks in advance.


    Howdy! Usually when I get stuck I just keep going really reeeaaaaly slow until it’s completely smooth – then I speed up in very small amounts, focusing on keeping everything super smooth. I also specifically practice any trouble section until I feel comfortable with it (literally, I’ll run through a single section a few dozen times until I don’t have to think about looking at my fingers or transitioning to different parts of the song).

    It’s a really slow way of doing it, but I’ve found this works best for me. Another thing I do to “speed up” practicing is to mute all the strings using my strum hand and practice chord transitions and finger movements, while I watch TV or talk to people. That way, I always get to play!

    Hope that helps a little! Good luck!


    Great advice Shannon! Here is a short video with another idea for working on that part. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Thanks for the advice Shannon! Slow and steady. Spent the greater part of last evening just doing that transition… S l o w ly.

    Andrew, thanks for the video and suggestions! I also watched one of your live lessons that talks more about the left hand forms… Very helpful.

    I’m amazed at how bad my form really is… Guess I have to empty my cup before I can fill it.

    OK, good talk y’all, thanks!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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