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    Hello fellow ukulele players, greetings from Slovakia. I am playing on ukulele 3 months, before that i played on balalaika (maybe 5 months), but i found so few songs for it that i rather make place on shelf for my balalaika 😀 But i want to play on something, so i try ukulele and it got me, but when i found Taimane, Feng-E and Shimabukuro, i fall in love with this instrument!


    Welcome, @liboriuson! Glad to have you here 🙂


    Forgive my ignorance (I had to Google what a balalaika is). 😳 I’ve never seen or heard one before. The ukulele looks tiny in comparison. 😅

    Welcome to the forum, @liboriuson! You’re in good company – I think it’s safe to say we all find it hard not to be inspired by the likes of Taimane, Feng E, and Jake Shimabukuro. Check out Evan’s tutorials on RC101. He’s pretty spectacular for such a young man!


    Balalaika is not common like guitar or ukulele so it is okay that you dont know what it look like 🙂 I will check Evan’s tutorials surely. Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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