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    I have always loved all kinds of music and very much envied musicians. I have longed to be able to make music somehow and have tried playing other instruments in the past but the noise I made with these other instruments was definitely not music. I built a ukulele about a year ago with a kit and tried playing it and was instantly hooked. I could actually make a little music or at least something pleasing to my ear like strumming an Em or a Bdim7, it’s great! Anyway, I’ve been strumming for awhile and I think, if I had the time, I would play all day every day. I’ve found that I like to play songs that I can whistle the melody to because my voice isn’t that great and then I read about fingerstyle techniques and in my searches found this Rock class 101 which is a great combination of strumming and fingerstyle melody. I joined for a month and then committed for a year a month later. I’m very slow at learning this type of playing, (I’m no spring chicken) but like I said, I just love it so I’m assuming at this rate that someday I’ll be much better. I’m going to try to post something for the October challenge if I can learn something and then learn how to post it. Happy playing everyone!


    Welcome, @lynnzo! Glad to have you on-board. I look forward to watching your performance in the October Challenge 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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