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    Hi Andrew,
    I was checking out the lesson on increasing the stretch in your left hand and the links to the sound clips aren’t working for me. I even rebooted my computer. Also, are those lessons not printable? I really need to work on my stretch.



    Hi Roxi, what device/browser are you using? The audio clips are working on my end. And looks like I didn’t include a print-off for that one… not sure why. I’ll have to see if I have it still and can upload it.


    Unfortunately, it looks like I only have images of the tab/notation. You should be able to right click the image and print it.


    Thanks for checking. I’m trying to listen to them on my PC. My browser is Internet Explorer. Still not loading up for me. Must be my browser.


    Got a chance to try it on my phone and it works on there. 😊


    Oh, sorry forgot to respond yesterday. IE is a discontinued browser. It’s been replaced by Edge. I’d recommend to switch to a different browser as it is outdated and no longer supported. I’d recommend Chrome.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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