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    Hey all- I’m Keith a fellow uker from the UK. I came across 101 just a week ago when looking for inspiration on YouTube. Andrew’s style of teaching is really patient and effective, up there with the best on the net. I’ve yet to become a fully subscribed member, but hope to do so soon. I’m a sufferer of UAS, but for sake of space and my marriage, I’ve whittled my collection down to just 2 ukes. I’ve a pono mgb tenor and a kala spruce and spalted maple concert. Both are beautiful instruments. I’m looking forward to reading about other member’s whereabouts and opinions of there gear. Thanks Andrew! Keep on rockin…


    Thanks for the kind words Keith! Be sure to share some pictures in the gear forum.


    G’day from Australia here, My name is Shane and I’ve been a member of Andrews Rockclass101 for over a year now and loved it from the get go. It’s a fantastic way for all uke lovers to learn a heap of varied style songs imo.

    I watch Andrew play the song at the start and think fair dinkum i’m never going to learn this, but give it a go anyway and in the end I usually get something that vaguely resembles the tune even though I cheat here and there and find an easier way to play something that sounds similar.. that’s ok I’m having fun and anyone listening hopefully won’t hear him play to know my version is watered down a bit 😉

    I have 2 ukes, well one is my 12yo daughters that I play for a change when I get sick of playing mine..Hers is a cheap soprano ibanez and mine is one I bought from the USA, another Ibanez concert electric-acoustic… They are ok. nothing like those Hawaiian style ukes that sound so good, but lots of fun to play regardless

    Anyway its great to see a forum started and look forward to reading and learning here as well as in the great lessons we get monthly

    Keep up the great work


    Hello keithy, Hello woodie!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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