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    I found my kala ka-s is too mall for me and it only has 12 fretboards. Therefore, I’m considering buying a concert one.

    Which one would you recommend? Kala KA-C or Islander AC4?(I can’t compare them because the instrument store which is close to my house doesn’t have kala ka-c. They only have Islander AC-4)

    Or would you recommend any other concert ukuleles?



    I haven’t played both models, but I have played both brands. And they are both great! Islander is the sister brand or entry-level models of Kanile’a; in the same way that Epiphone is to Gibson.

    Angelo has an Islander and it was quite nice. I don’t recall the model though, but here is a video with it for an audio sample (plugged in, direct).

    Send an email to Mike at http://www.ukerepublic.com/. He’ll be better able to help you, tell him I sent you!


    Kala nut: 3.4 mm; Islander nut: 3.8 mm. If this can help you…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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