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    I’m trying to learn this arrangement and I have a question about bar 10. In the second slap the 3 is in brackets, I have interpreted this as I should not play this note so it’s only the sound from the pull off on fret 1 that should be heard. However, why would I do a pull off? The sound is not different from picking the string once because you need to pick it again directly afterwards. Am i missing something?

    I have attached the bar below.

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    Hey Martin, it’s a hammer-on on the:

    &a of 2 (0 to 3 on string 1)

    Hold (tie) the last note (C – 3rd fret of string 1) into beat 3.

    Also on beat 3, you tap the percussive hit.

    Then pull-off to the first fret on the e of beat 4.


    Pull-offs do not have to be picked, followed by an immediate pull-off. They can be executed just by the left hand itself, as this example does.

    Does that make sense?


    Thanks for your reply, I have practiced so I can do the pull off the way your describe. The question is why there is a pull off there? Wouldn’t it sound the same if i just pick the to last notes?


    You can do that if you like it and/or it fits your playing style better.


    Lol. Poor Andrew. I just asked “why aren’t there more pull offs” the other day. Horses for courses I guess.

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