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    Hey Andrew, I asked about this a couple weeks ago but now I have a real live RC101 example.

    In the new course, in the Aura Lee lesson, standard notation, there’s the melody line but you have chords indicated on top of the staff.

    Look at bar 3. It says G7, but the note is a G on string 2, which is not in the G7 chord. Look at the next bar. It says C7,but none of the notes in the bar are part of the C7 chord. I wanted to use the chords to make chord melody but it doesn’t work. I see this kind of thing everywhere but can’t figure it out.

    What do the chords mean if they’re not the chord you’re picking out of?

    Thanks. Awesome new course by the way.


    Harmony. It’s the harmony….


    Lisa, G is the root of G7: G (1) B (3) D (5) F (b7). The other note in the bar is D (5).

    C7 is: C (1) E (3) G (5) Bb (b7). The 2nd and 4th notes are E (3). The other 2 notes are non-chord tones, but work over C7. This is a good visual explanation from my favorite theory site of NCT.

    I’d recommend reviewing this lesson from our Music Theory course to see how 7th chords are formed. And if that is confusing, to start at the beginning of the course. But, with your interest in understanding harmony, there is no better resource than this eBook.


    I have had the same Problem a few times, when trying to play chord melody.. But i just used to change the Chords so they fit the melody until now. For example by not playing all the strings or by changing a G7 to a G or a C7 to a C if thats what i needed.. Maybe its not the Perfect or correct way to do it, but sometimes it works fine. But im interessted to learn more about it too, so i’ll take a look at those links. Thank you Andrew 🙂


    Hmm. I’ll try that gahanby. I wanted to use them to create chord melody…

    Andrew, thanks for all the links. I fear I might be at the point where I have to learn some theory. It scares me and makes my head spin, but we’ll see how far I get before my head falls off!


    @lisadmh – the theory scares me too!
    I kept saying to Beloved Husband “I don’t need to learn theory, I have RockClass101 lessons!”.
    And then Andrew has put out the basic theory course, and I completed the first FOUR segments yesterday!
    As Andrew won’t be transposing every song that I want to play 🙁 I am now aware that one day I will have to do my own. Argh.
    Yesterday’s lessons did include frustration, an argument with Beloved Husband (because to ME the G played on open G string, and then somewhere on the C string is NOT the same sound, not the same note. And don’t get me started on octaves…) and just a tiny bit of satisfaction when I was able to tick off four segments.
    This will be hard, there will be frustration, tantrums and tears, and Beloved Husband will suffer while I learn.

    Know that there are others out there, sharing your pain 🙂


    Miz, could you have a tuning or intonation problem? That’s how I check intonation. The same note on a different string should sound the same with just a slightly different feel.

    My beloved other doesn’t argue because the poor guy can’t even clap the beat of happy birthday without messing up. Lol, he’s no help at all.

    Ok, off to the theory course I go…

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