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    So this took a few weeks of research and decision making but I’m glad it’s here already. Was choosing between this ATD or the ATPC but went with ATD so I can use the extra cash to buy some accessories and an amp. Not to mention i got an excuse to buy a new uke next year


    Very nice looking instrument!!!
    And any excuse to buy more uke gear is a valid reason 😀


    Haha yes. One thing i notice is that it’s really better compared to my cheao uke. Glad i bought this and excited to buy something even better next year. Hopefully my skills will improve as well to justify the cost.


    Cool. Play a tune for us. How does it sound?


    Love it. Congrats!


    It’s a beauty! Congratulations! And I agree with rickeymike — Would love a demonstration so we can hear it!


    sure, i’ll record some later. was practicing on something anyway so might as well put it up.

    It sounds great. Although still getting used to that wounded C string. Just really feeling the difference between the other 3 nylon strings.


    I still need to practice it more and mainly using that piece to get my tempo better. The two monthly challenges i joined has the tempo as feedback so want to get better at the timing and the piece sounds nice and has a steady rhythm




    Sounds pretty!


    Sounds lovely! Pono’s are great ukes 🙂


    Thanks everyone. Will practice for the last monthly challenge. wasn’t able to join last month T_T


    Nice, @toastedbrains! I was seriously contemplating getting the Pono ATC (acacia tenor) a few months ago. I have the Pono MGC (mango concert) and I love it.

    Looking forward to your next challenge video featuring the fancy new uke!


    Very pretty sound, no doubt influenced by the amount of practice you have put in.
    You have a nice soft touch on the strings – so I am going back for another look… 🙂


    Thanks Kanae, Was actually looking at cutaways also but just stuck with the usual shape. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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