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    Hey everybody 🙂

    This is my own arrangement of “All I want for christmas is you” by Mariah Carey.
    It will be my new cover and I recordeed the audio today. It took me 3 hours to play it without too many mistakes 😀 But somehow I’m not quite happy with the arrangement yet. What do you think? Does somebody have a suggestion what I could improve? Is the timing okay?


    I love it, Alissa. I knew the song as soon as you got passed the intro. I’m a member of the peanut gallery so no arrangement comments from me. Maybe shorten the intro?


    Wasn’t familiar with the song and listened to yours and the MC song on VEVO. Sounds to me like you pretty much nailed it. Timing seems to be on with the song. Great job on figuring it out for Christmas too!! As for you thinking something is off, Her music box stuff in the beginning is in a higher key but you got the notes I think? I could be wrong, what I remember hearing in my head is a lot different than what I actually hear in a song. (Bashing my head on the wall over my nemesis song NG lol) I also don’t know if a uke CAN go that high so I’m joining Rickey in the peanut gallery of general people that enjoy it. I’m in no way qualified to critique a song, I just talk way too much.
    Fast forward my much lacking newbie ukulele skill to your level though please!


    Thank you for your answers! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Shortening the intro would be difficult, but I could leave it out completely and just start with the strumming. The song is long enough 😀 But then I wouldn’t have the harmonics anymore and I’m really proud of them! So I’ll have to think about it. And yes, I also noticed that it is a bit higher in the original. I already play in the 12th fret, I think I just leave it that way. I think it’s gonna be too difficult otherwise. Oh, and I didn’t know the phrase “peanut gallery” yet (English is not my mother tongue), haha, but thanks, I learned something new again 😀

    Thanks again!


    Nice job, Alissa! I’d work a little on the timing in the intro. But I think the biggest focus should be on relaxing your feel. Sounds a little rigid, and that’s to be expected as you’re just getting it down.

    Keep arranging! Super awesome you tackled this, it’s a toughie!


    Thank you, Andrew 🙂 I practiced a lot more and left out a note that was very difficult for me and didn’t sound nice either. I’m much happier with it now! 🙂


    Alissa, I think it’s amazing. I love the intro. It’s mellow and sweet. Great job. Are you a musician with experience on the uke? How much do you credit these lessons with your progress and how long did it take you to get to this level of playing? I’m a newbie and very impressed. Have you gone through all of the Lessons offered, i.e. Course, Concept, Songs? Thank you for your time.



    Hey, thanks a lot!
    I had one year of guitar lessons and taught myself fingerstyle on the guitar after that (but I couldn’t play many songs). In summer 2016 I got my first ukulele and then learned mostly by watching covers and copying. So I didn’t start directly with Rock Class 101! But it definitely helps me improve my playing. I’ve been taking part in the monthly challenges for a long time now and this often makes me try out more difficult songs. And I can really recommend these challenges to you, you don’t have to be a premium member to participate and there’s always a beginner song too.
    So yeah, Rock Class 101 adds a lot to my progress, I wish I’d found it earlier. I haven’t gone through all of the lessons yet, but most of them and I’m currently doing the “Standard Notation” course, which is something I’ve always wanted to learn.
    And I’d say it took me about 3 years plus a some prior knowledge on the guitar to get to this level of playing.
    I hope those information helped you 🙂

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