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    Feelings of inadequately short fingers and a REALLY wimpy, weak pinky are strong in my force!

    I got an electric precision bass for xmas. Hadn’t really touched it though since I was sick, then waiting to hear from the company. It arrived with a broken tone knob and the paint job is kind of smashed and cracked from shipping in a brown box (with nothing but a foam neck support which powdered, and one of those thin foam instrument bags…) Company is sending a replacement soon which appeased the gift giver who is disappointed lol. Fingers crossed it survives shipping.

    Gotta say, Basses are freaking enormous! I have small hands and short fingers. My 4 fingers laying flat on a table fit almost entirely in just the 1st fret! ✋😂 Pinky hangs out a tiny bit, but that blew my mind.

    Looked up basics on what to do with it though. Learned the C major scale, and am learning how to try to control string noise with left and right hand muting. Learning that rest stroke picado for picking too. (That’s a whole new set of coordination skills right there!) I’m convinced that you don’t learn to play bass, you learn how to control the thing.

    BUT! As expected, I wanted to learn a song! I picked an “easy” song to learn first, that is, of coarse, stupidly difficult.. for me at least. In my defense the bass line to Summertime Rolls isn’t difficult to “play” but it uses a stupidly hard 5-fret-span freaking stretch chord, on strings 1 and 4 in frets 9-13. It’s hard as heck to FRET! Oh my goodness! That song uses the very limit of my hand’s maximum (ever) reach unless my fingers suddenly start lengthening while I sleep. I can play that riff like 4 times before my hand is dead.

    Anyway it’s fun, gotta figure out where a ubass fits on the neck. I’ll record something or take a picture of how silly I look playing it or something when the new one comes.



    Having just finished a Skype lesson with Stephen, I thoroughly recommend them if it would help to be shown the basics. He helped me with my guitalele.


    I’ve already had a couple of Skype lessons with Stephen. Do your preparation and let Stephen know what your expectations are before the session…… I also highly recommend Stephen’s one on one lessons.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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