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    I would love to find a tab for wish you were here by pink floyd. Was just listening to it and was wondering what the first minute or so of it would sound like on a uke. I found some simple stuff that sort if sounds like the main instrument ‘riff’ ( or whatever you call it). Its just some simple plucking.

    A-----0-30- -----0-30- -----0-0--- -----0-0--- ----
    E----3----3 ----3----3 ----3---30- ----3---30- ----
    C-024------ -024------ -024------2 -024------2 2420
    G---------- ---------- ----------- ----------- ----

    I was dinking around with this – trying to use hammer ons with the 024 on the C and hammer on \ pull off for the final 2420 on the C. I guess it sounds ok but seems incomplete to me. I tried adding some strumming in.

    A-----0- 0  030-
    E----3-- 0  ---3
    C-024--- 0  ----
    G------- 2  ----

    Basically stuck an A minor in and did a D- D- DU UDU – just wanted to give it more of the sound from the original song. Guess it sounded ok but its hard for me to figure out how to find a chord to fit in there. Its a lot of guessing. I have not had a chance to go through the ‘How to write a song’ lesson yet. Not sure I am ready for it yet.

    Has anyone found a tab that has a little more substance to it?

    Would really like to find a tab for the song, especially the part up to about 1:18 (the solo like part up to just before the singing starts). Maybe it doesnt translate to uke well?

    I really enjoy this song and would like to be able to play something like it before spring arrives. I like to go out and practice in a park over lunch and before winter forced me to stop, some people had started showing up to listen, even though I am not very good. Be nice to have some new songs to play so if they come back I am not playing the same ole stuff. I do have a simple version of Ave Maria and Edelweiss memorized. Thats 2 songs. Working on Stranger Things theme now. Would like one or 2 more new songs and hope Wish you were here can be one of them. Maybe I should try Iz’s version of somewhere over the rainbow, because I get asked to play that one like every week.

    Steve J

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    Wish you here sounds great on the Uke. I could not find a good tab when I wanted to learn it so I did my best to create one.

    Hopefully it is what you are looking for.

    Here is the strum I use for the verse but there are a lot of variations out there.


    I bolded the point in the lyrics where I start the chord and where I strum the last part of the strum(DUD) to make it easier to know where to sing.

    Good luck.


    Thanks!! I will give it a try!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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