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    Let’s celebrate our uke successes. Have you had an ah-ha moment, finally nailed some riff you’ve been working on, played well in front of friends, or had something happen that made you realize that you’re really learning?

    Please share to encourage us all.

    I’ll start. I went to the music store to buy a little entry level uke for my nephews birthday today, hoping to encourage a new generation. Of course, I had to try them all. I played some Seven Nation Army and the store guy said “ha! Some white stripes on the uke!” Then I played a bit of Fur Elise and he said “you have all the top ukulele songs.” Later I played the riff from the beginner blues song and he laughed and gave me a thumbs up.

    Just 11 months ago I was in the same store buying the same cheap uke for myself and I didn’t even know how to strum a c chord. Started at zero. Today I could do three genres and make the guy smile. I know they’re used to making novices feel good, but still. Compared to 11 months ago, I guess I’m doing okay. 🙂


    That’s awesome Lisa!


    I posted my Silent Night challenge video on my Facebook page. Many positive comments including a ‘Wow’, You are a true Renaissance Man and another friend said it brought tears to her eyes.


    Awesome Rickey! Good job. Isn’t it great to move people? ☺

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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