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    Quick question about the Stranger Things Theme tab. I am just starting to try and learn it – will be slow going for me but I really like this version of the song.

    The first note on bar 3 is the C string 4th fret. That is the same as the open E string isnt it? Wouldnt it be easier to just play the E string twice instead of reaching for the c string 4th fret?

    Is it because the e played on the c string should still be ringing out when you hit the open E? As I look at the tab, I see the 4th fret c getting played in multiple places. Just thinking it might be easier for me to play the open E instead of C 4th fret.

    -Steve J

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    I just figured it out as I went though the tutorial. it allows us to keep the same plucking pattern while playing the song. I am a dork 🙂


    And so am I, lol 🙂 #Dorks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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