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    I decided not to be a slave to the challenge this month. 🙂 The challenges have taught me to focus on one song to get it to a playable level in a month. I applied that this month to a new Rockclass101 song I really wanted to learn, Red is the Rose.

    There’s a lot going on in this one. Speed and memorization were a beast. I can get through it at 100% speed, but with errors. I can also get through it without tabs, but slower and highly prone to hesitations. So here’s a compromise. 80%, with the tab viewer going, on silent. Still not perfect, but I’ve had fun with it.

    I’m already well into tinkering with Here Comes the Sun for my next song. Have I mentioned I love this site? 🙂 It’s cool to see how it has grown. I think Here Comes the Sun might have been one of the very first uke songs on here.


    Wow, Lisa! Really really good job, I can tell you put a ton of work into this! Very clean playing! I know we talked about some buzzy notes in a recent video, was that something you focused on a lot with this one? Because it sounds great! I’ll definitely be sharing this one on our Facebook Page. 🙂

    Side note: I forgot how pretty this melody is! This week’s lesson will be a Flamenco piece with a cool melody. I just love the melodies in these traditional pieces!


    Thanks Andrew! I still want to work to get some more dynamics in this and solidify without tabs, but I’m happy with my progress. Just one major flub. 🙂

    The bad buzzing I think was really just one song, Day Dreaming. I didn’t do well with that one.

    Looking forward to the flamenco!

    Next weekend there’s a little festival at a music store near by and they will have a spinning wheel for store discounts. If we get a good spin, I’m getting my low G on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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