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    There is a discrepancy between the tabs and the tab play along for Bar 5 of Rock around the clock. The bar that Matt plays matches the tab download. Bar 5 in the tab play along is missing the note (up strum) right before the triplet. Which is the correct bar to play?


    I always update the tab player to reflect the performance version. Sometimes this differs from the lesson version, which you noticed. We try our best to play exactly as taught, but sometimes when you’re in the moment a note/chord here or there changes 😉 Either one should work, I’d say pick the version you like the most.




    There a some litte differences which is fine, but I really wonder about discrepancy in bar 11 as Matt explains in detail how to play it in the tutorial as most difficult part with the index finger barred over 555-CEA plus ring on 7-E then pinky on 7-A crossing with index on 7-G and then in 12 barred index over 7777 plus middle on 8-A (according to the PDF notation).
    I practiced with the tutorial and printed notes first and now when trying with the tab player for steady speed I see he does it so much easier there with skipping the 5-A completely in the middle of bar 11 and barring already over all 7777 from middle of 11 to middle of 12.
    That much easier version would have been great to know already throughout the tutorial at least as alternative version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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