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    Hello Rock Class

    I want to share some of my arrangements. I am pretty proud of what I did because I am very bad at notation. The tabs I am going to share may seem kind of good but that is just because the software does not allow wrong/incomplete bars and I had to go through a lot of trial and error and I am still not sure if the results are great. If I were to play the tabs from paper, I couldn’t.

    Nevertheless here are 3 tabs I created:

    1. WIZO – Quadrat im Kreis
    That’s a German Punk Rock song from the 90’s I like very much. My arrangement is “fingerstyle” not very easy to play (not recommended for small hands!). As I am sure most of you won’t know it, here is the original:

    Quadrat im Kreis

    2. NOFX – Whoops I OD’d
    Another Punk Rock band with not to much of a Punk Rock song. I pretty much tabbed the chords from this bass song. My arrangement happens to be in the same key as the original so you can play along. It is relatively easy to play.


    3. DISNEY/ARIELLE – Under the Sea
    Besides Punk Rock songs I created this fingerstyle arrangement. It does not include the full song but I guess I covered all relevant parts. You may all know the song but here is a link anyway:

    Under the Sea

    Have fun and feel free to share your own creations. You should go ahead and try creating Guitar Pro tabs. You can use the free software Tuxguitar to create/play tabs.



    Oh great… gp5 files are not allowed.



    Sorry! The upload feature is primarily for photos. You will have to self host them, or you can upload to a site like,




    Quadrat im Kreis

    Whoops I OD’d

    Under the Sea

    Please note that all chord names are automatically generated by Ultimate Guitar. I don’t know why some chords get named and some (standard) chords not.



    I have to wait to look at your tab because I have no room on my tablet for guitar pro (I really don’t want to delete my last 2 games) but Quadrat Im Kreis is a really cool song. Soon as I break out my laptop i’ll check it out! It’s got an old school feel to it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂



    Got a new one:

    Lagwagon – May16
    Another Punk Rock song… more or less fingerstyle arrangement.

    Original Song

    Tab at UltimateGuitar

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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