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    I’ve been playing the Ukulele upside down (LH) for almost 2 years and I don’t feel the same learning this way. Although, I still can do the Ghost note, Sweep Strum, Triplet Picking, Tapping, Pull-offs, my fair bit of tweaks in opposite strums and a little bit of tremolo as well. What I find bothering is Strumming. Playing more and more, I can hear a noticeable difference in sound in some arrangements which have strumming as the highlight and besides most of the Uke is achieved with Strums, also chords at the higher frets sound different when strummed upside down and it becomes difficult overtime to strum it opposite.
    Coming back, I am confused as to whether to continue learning LH. I am left-handed and ended up holding the Ukulele the other way, but at the same time it feels easier to hold and play. Could anyone provide an opinion on this? I have started learning RH and its been 2 days.


    @jass007 – have you tried restringing the ukulele so it’s left-handed? Then you won’t have to play right-handed positions. It should be a direct mirror image. I would think this is easier than trying to relearn using your non-dominant hand for strumming.


    I am not an expert, just a fellow Lefty. I decided to learn uke as if I was right handed. Tutorials and most ukes are for RH players. Through my life I have found I am quite ambidextrous. Both hands are used so I figured it’s all new, just go for it. I am an older learner and do struggle with playing smoothly. Don’t know if being left handed is a factor or just me…

    Not sure if any of this is helpful, just my 2 cents.


    Agree with ukealori. I consulted with a uke instructor, who is left handed as well. He plays the same way that right handed people do and said that LH players have an advantage when making chords.


    @jass007 Some just re-position the strings on the uke to accommodate themselves.


    @kanae926 No, I never tried restringing as there would be more modifications to the bridge and saddle and I don’t have access to much music stores. But I did try retuning GCEA to AECG without re-stringing and it worked fine, but I was worried what would happen to the strings overtime because the strings were tight.

    @rjn1952 Yes, it is easier to play the chords when upside down. Just the strumming sounds different, eg. G5 or G7 chords and Triplet picking gets difficult cause our thumb would be resting on the melody string.

    Thanks guys for your opinions, I decided to give myself a month to learn the Uke RH and see how it goes. If I progress well, continue with it otherwise switch back to my LH upside down.

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