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    I got a concert ukulele that has two strap buttons. One on the neck and one on the bottom.

    Will it hurt the concert if I take the button off the neck and put it on the bottom of my soprano?

    Meaning will it matter if there’s a hole in it? Also can I just leave the hole or should I fill it with some wood glue or something after I take it off? (Or find another screw and put it in there?)

    I really want to attach a proper strap to my soprano it makes a world of difference since I can’t hold it properly with my issues.


    Why not just get a new strap button for the soprano and leave the concert as is? They’re so cheap. I wouldn’t risk it for a few bucks.


    I agree with Lisa. I just installed a button on my concert. You can get them for almost nothing on amazon (or they come free with most of the straps).


    I never felt comfortable putting a hole in my uke, so I attached these stick-on hooks instead. They’ve worked really well and I have found it makes switching straps easier. Hope this helps.

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    There are ways to make your own straps/strap buttons without drilling. Here’s a tutorial with several options from Bernadette Teaches Music on YouTube. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable drilling holes into my ukes (even the cheap ones).


    You can take it to a music store to get the button installed. They do it all the time. I would not personally drill a hole in my uke but a professional does it all the time. I would not take a button off of a uke though….


    It is easy – just pre-drill with a drill bit one size smaller than the screw (drill bit = same size as screw BODY without the thread).
    I have done it to a few of mine – anything precious I get done at the music store. Eg. My Euc-alele was done by [email protected]


    Seems like the consensus is leave the neck strap button… I will then. We have to go back to the music store soon, i’ll see if they have some in stock, if not I’ll get a pair off Amazon.

    I’d never in a million years drill into an expensive instrument because my nerves or Murphy’s law would make me mess up and damage it!

    My concert was $40, and my soprano was $12 so i’m not overly concerned about drilling into it. I have one of those old fashioned type egg beater drills and some masking tape for traction and protection if it does slip. The soprano has a 3 year accidental damage policy too. Drilling isn’t covered but if my niece’s 2 year old gets mad or something and throws it, or plays “will it flush?” and puts the uke in the toilet for some reason, it’s covered at least. (Hopefully nothing like that ever happens but kids are quick!)

    Good tip on the drill bit one smaller miztaken, ty.

    Thank you all too! Honestly was scared to unscrew that neck button but I didn’t want it to weaken the neck or something

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