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    So I’m just new at the ukulele. Less than two weeks so when I bought my first uke I just bought the first thing that came up on the search results. Living in China now so it’s just a cheap chinese uke.

    I’m starting to get addicted to it and wanted to buy a better one. So, I like a ukulele that has a warm, mellow sound. And not sure if it helps, but I prefer fingerpicking over strumming. It should be a tenor. When I did some research, it says, a cedar top should be good for a warm sound but others say that’s only true for guitars. when it’s a cedar top on uke, it’s usually bright. so not sure what really should I buy.

    I only found one store here that will also setup the uke i will buy before shipping and they only sell the brand Pono. He suggested I buy the Pono ATSH-CR model. Maybe someone here have a better suggestion? I can go as high as $1000.



    Reach out to Mike @, he’ll be able to tell you all about the differences in the tones that different woods produce 🙂 Tell him I sent ya!


    Thanks, will send him a message


    Hi Andrew,

    Do you have his email? I tried the email on the site but I got no replies.




    I really like the Pono models. Warm and crips sounds. I just bought a Tiny-Tenor Mahogony (Daniel Ho model) by Romeo Creations. Their price is is about $550, and I love it. If you are really interested in playing the Uke, buy a good instrument, it will make a big difference. I bought a few cheap Uke’s when I started, and they are harder to play in my opinion compared to a good mid-range uke ($400-600).



    Rick,I’m really intrigued by the tiny tenor. Is the scale full tenor? I have a super soprano-concert scale but soprano body. Is it like that with a tenor scale?

    How does it sounds?


    hi Rick, the idea behind the Tiny Tenor is brilliant! But i am wondering does it really sound like a tenor?
    How about the nut width?


    If you buy a ukulele, you can visit ukuleles review to know the cheap ukulele.


    Cedar top has a rich soun that I love. In fact, I own one myself. How is your practicing going? I practice at

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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