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    Hello Everyone:
    I’m trying to use the tab play along, but I get no sound on my iPad. There is sound on the instructional videos so I know I didn’t accidentally turn it off. Has anyone else had this problem?


    Hi Charlene, if you click the “cog”, you’ll see a slider to adjust volume. Maybe yours somehow got turned off. Let me know if that fixes the issue 🙂


    Hi Andrew
    New member to 101!!! Glad I went to premium, Tabs surely help.

    2 things …
    is there a way to either delay the start of the play through or even better do a count in before the scroll starts? the scroll starts the moment you hit the play button.

    Also on the video lesson itself is there a way to slow the speed as in utube. On the site its just pixels

    Thanks Mort


    Welcome Mort! Yes! Here is a video showing you how to activate a click count.

    Great suggestion! I just added a speed control feature for all premium lesson videos. Click the “cog” and you’ll see the option to change the speed there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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