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    Being fairly new to the uke world, I’ve been looking into local uke artists. In the UK, I recently came across Astraluna and her new album, the pass of storms. It’s on my list to buy, sounds really beautiful, quite contemporary. There’s some of her material on YouTube. It’d be interesting to hear of other artists from other parts of the world.


    Hey Keithy, great post! I’ll check out Astraluna. Funny, I just sent a list of some of my fav female uke artists to a friend yesterday. Here is the list I sent:

    Danielle ate the sandwich – singer/songwriter

    Original on uke:

    Her newest original music video did very well:


    Taimane – My fav uke artists. Amazing player.

    TEDx Talk – just playing in the beginning:

    Original music video:


    Victoria Vox – Great musician overall. Kills at mouth trumpet! Fun fact, she went to Berklee with John Mayer and he wrote “Victoria” about her.



    Sarah Maisel – The most traditionally trained on this list – jazzy. She’s great.

    How High the Moon:


    Olivia Millerschin: Always playing a uke, but I don’t see her much in uke community. I think she’s fantastic, she’s selling out concerts for her new cd. This song is on it, great duet.

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    Great stuff listed so far… Here’s a few more:

    Ledward Kaapana is a legend of Slack key guitar, but this guy rocks a uke too

    Kalei Gamiao is amazing too… Here’s a video where he backs Singto Numchok, another great uker.

    Tobias Elof is from Denmark and has a flavor to his playing that is quite different from a lot of the traditional ukers.

    Rob MacKillop is an accomplished classical guitarist, lutist, and probably several other instruments I’ve never even heard of, but he’s played the uke from childhood. You can see his enjoyment for the instrument when he plays.


    Beautiful people sharing their talent is an uplifting experience that motivates. And listening to others is an inspiration. There are so many exceptional musicians one must just take the time to seek them out. One I enjoy listening to is Del Rey.

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