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    So hypothetically, if I wanted to embarrass myself singing Blue Christmas for the December challenge, I can’t see any option in Windows10 for creating a split screen video. I would need special software. And there are a lot of products out there. Anyone have any suggestions?
    When I took up the ukulele, wasn’t thinking I was going to be dealing with tech stuff. And I haven’t even pursued plugging in, even though my uke has the capability.


    I would love to know how to do this too!


    I use to use PowerDirector for Windows. I liked it a lot and wrote a guide on how to use it for our recording course.


    Roughly 3 hours and amazons lightning deal ends for 79.99$ on power director. (If anyone wants to save 20%)

    Adobe looks like it has a trial for their video software. You might be able to do a project in it before it expires. I don’t know. Adobe works off subscription these days.

    Blender is coming up as a video editor! If that’s true, Blender is REALLY awesome! It’s free but has a steep learning curve, it’s made for 3D animation. I used older versions till I burned my video card again. download from the main site though since its open source.


    I have an older version of powerDirector on an equally old desktop. While it works, it is very slow and crashes. I’m sure it’s due to the old PC. I’ve downloaded ShotCut to my newer laptop. I believe it does PIP but not sure. Has anyone used ShotCut..It is a free download.


    Hello all,

    I had a question by Rickey how I made my multiple screen video.
    I just followed the instructions on the video below.
    It’s a picture in picture mode on a background that I saved. Re-imported and then added the solo video on top. Synchronised the two parts. The sound automatically mixes, the chord part I lowered in Volume to make the solo pop out.
    I could also have chosen for a splitscreen video, but then the ukelele would not have been visible or I could have chosen for a picture in picture mode.
    Like you have with a deaf language interpretator. So a small vid within a larger one.
    For IMovie you need a newer version, it didn’t work on my old Mac.
    For the audio part, I just used my IPad to record the accompaniment film. Then transfered it with FB messenger to my phone. Used ear buds to listen to it and play along with it. So now I have two films to import into IMovie.

    Here is the tutorial I learned from

    I don’t know about Windows but I understand you need Windows Movie Maker.

    And this is the vid that Rickey asked a question about, the split screen starts around 2:00

    There are quite some lessons and songs here that if you want to make a video of it using splitscreen can be useful.


    Jina. Windows movie maker is not supported by Microsoft any longer. It’s still available to download by 3rd party vendors but Microsoft says to beware of downloading it.

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