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    Hi, just wanted to share a picture of a Vintage Harmony Soprano Ukulele, from the early 1950’s (I think) that used to belong to my Uncle and I remember playing on it when I was just a little girl. I was able to get my hands back on it, but it was in need of serious repair. The back panel was completely separated, and the front panel was half apart as well. It was missing a couple strings, and tuners were cracked and useless. So… a little wood glue and some clamps got the body back together, and I ordered new grover tuners and strings for it, and today I am happy to say it is playable once again!! (and small enough that I can work on Five Foot Two and even reach the stretch chords, ha.)

    Here is a picture of it! I am so excited to have this in my collection. ~ Holly
    (Not sure how to add the photo except by attaching below)

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    Really pretty uke Holly!

    I don’t consider it a toy. Harmony was really big from what I remember stumbling across. When you said toy I pictured a buck rogers ukulele or something along those lines. 😁 which would be equally as cool actually lol.


    @becky7777 you are right, i believe it may have cost around $15 back in the day, certainly not a toy’s price. I did a Google search today and was surprised to find it mentioned w other Harmony ukes. It was fun to learn more about where it came from.


    Holly, what a wonderful girl you have. Congrats!
    My first two ukes were the Harmony, and I tried to resurrect one that belonged to my father (upgraded with Martin strings), it was still playable. Certainly not a toy.

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    Wow, that’s an awesome Ukulele Holly! What’s interesting is that my Mom owns the same one or one very similar to it!


    @marni11 that’s great! Glad to know there’s another like it still out there.

    I’ve been giving it a good workout w 5f2eob. It’s a little twangy and buzzy at times, probably my own fault in playing however the plastic fret board is actually notched on some of the frets where the string pressure has been applied over the years. But it sounds cute w the song. It’s still a good stretch that I can barely reach at measure 21 but hoping I can make the rest of the song sound ok. I’m enjoying playing it at the very least. Yay! : )

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