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    Greetings fellow RC101 members.

    I started playing the Ukulele in Dec 2019 and have kept my progress slow since I can’t devote time every other day to the instrument. Anyhow, when I started playing I opted to go for a budget Ukulele since I wasn’t expecting to play for more than 3 months. But now we’re in 2021 and I’ve started to tackle the more intermediate-advanced fingerstyle RC101 pieces.

    So it got me thinking, should I upgrade to a better ukulele now? Currently I own the one below.

    I’m in the market for an upgrade and would love some ideas on my next one! What do you guys use? Please no Kanilea suggestions as they’re way beyond my reach, unless they have something in the range of $300, maybe one day I’ll be able save for it.

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    Hey there. Kanilea’s budget brand is Islander. They have solid wood ones in your price range. I love my MSS4 Islander.

    That said, they’re are as many opinions as there are people. If you’re in a part of the world where you can go to a store and try some out yourself, that would be best as it’s all about what you like. Of course, that’s not possible everywhere these days. I’d be comfortable buying an Islander without trying it.


    Thanks for your input Lisa.

    I live in Bahrain. The only Ukuleles available here are the ones I linked above.

    There’re barely any Uke players here, atleast I’ve yet to encounter one. I will check out Islander and if it’s a budget brand of Kanilea that should be good enough. Maybe I could research on YouTube/Google or something. Regardless thanks for the input!


    Well, you’d probably have to pay for postage, etc., for all of these but here are my good ones that are around your budget.

    Mele mango concert US$450
    Kelly Stillfield custom boat paddle silver wattle and king billy pine concert US$350 plus postage
    Koa Pili Koko acacia tenor AU$300 ish (I think)

    Please note that both the Mele and the Kelly Stillfield ukes are a little bit uneven in terms of build. I prioritised sound and playability in both cases.

    I’ve attached a photo of the 3 ukes.

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    Hey samash07,

    the most important thing is that you get along with the ukulele.

    There are some good, and relatively inexpensive ukuleles on the market.

    A good budget ukulele would be the Kai KTI-30 Tenor Ukulele.

    I read you live in Bahrain. Then I guess you have to pay the delivery costs :/

    Greetings from Germany!

    lg Moritz

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