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    Have been practicing this one for a while, mostly because i just love this song. I wanted to get a better take than I have here. I messed up the ending pretty badly, but with Ziggy joining, I couldn’t help but share the take because I know she has fans lol.


    Very nicely played, with feeling.

    I suspect Ziggy is a little jealous: “Stop stroking that weird pet! I’m here, attend to me!” 😃


    @janaq1 facts! That’s exactly what she’s thinking! 😂😅

    , that was so beautiful! I really loved that song when they included it in one of the video game themed challenges a while ago. You played it very beautifully!

    Miss Ziggy is quite the spry one! It’s kind of amazing to actually see her jump up onto your shoulders like that! My dad used to have a cat who would do that, too. So adorable! She is a queen! 😂😁💕


    @janaq1 Thank you! I also think Ziggy was thinking that very thing! lol

    Thank you so much Bumble! I actually started learning the song, back during the video game themed month! However, I wasn’t able to play it well enough to perform it in the deadline, so I changed over to the Great Fairy Fountain tune instead. But I never forgot how much I loved Zelda’s Lullaby and wanted to go back and tighten it up. 🙂
    And yes, Ziggy loves to jump on my shoulders! At some point or another, all of my cats use to jump on my shoulders. But Ziggy, being the youngest, is the only one who still does it. Not always at the opportune times either! lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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