“Imagine” – John Lennon

Below is the lesson for “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Helpful Tips

A beautiful fingerstyle take on John Lennon’s biggest hit from his solo career. This arrangement perfectly blends beginner-friendly rhythmic elements with intermediate-level fingerpicking technique. Now I know what you’re thinking… “What does that mean?” Let me explain.

From a playing perspective, one of the hardest aspects of this song is the rhythm that John uses to sing the melody lines, specifically in the verses. For this arrangement, we opted to simplify the rhythm to make it more approachable for beginner players. With that said, if you are a more seasoned player, we’d highly encourage you to alter the rhythms to reflect a true-to-record take.

To address the last point, the fingerpicking technique that this arrangement uses is more in line with an intermediate-level player than a beginner.

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