Rhythm Blues Ukulele EP003

Rhythm Blues in A – EP003

Helpful Tips

This lesson is a bluesy, fingerpicking piece that focuses on developing your rhythm technique while splicing in melodic fill licks. This piece is based out of a 12 bar blues form, with one interesting exception. Upon the second time through the form, we are omitting 2 bars from the standard 12 bar blues. Bars 3 and 4 will be cut, creating a 10 bar blues form. Here is the layout:

Form 1: 12 bar blues (standard)
Form 2: 10 bar blues (cut bar 3 and 4)

Throwing variations on the standard 12 bar form is common. There are many ways to vary the form. For example, you can substitute chords in the standard 12 bar form, or as we demonstrated in this piece, you can omit bars. Beyond the form, this lesson is a fantastic study for fingerpicking and solo ukulele blues playing. The licks and chords can also be memorized and played in any blues (in the key of A) jam situations.

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