“Stop This Train” – John Mayer

Below is the lesson for “Stop This Train” by John Mayer.

Helpful Tips

A heartfelt acoustic piece that intertwines percussive rhythm with a candid melody. An iconic part of this song is the percussive backbeat that John adds on beats 2 and 4. This backbeat is heard throughout the entire tune. Now the way John plays it on guitar is a bit different from the way we will play it on ukulele.

For our arrangement, we will be incorporating the backbeat using this technique: Playing a melody note PLUS simultaneously tapping a beat with the thumb. This is quite a difficult technique to get down, so be sure to check out that lesson to learn the mechanics behind it.

The other important aspect of this song is to maintain a relaxed feel, matched to a steady tempo. One way to achieve a mellow tone is to lighten our attack (for the right hand). Plucking and strumming softer produces a warm timbre.

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