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@gi_gi_ I’ve had a play with a lot of cheap pedals which are great to experiment with but I’ve found the following problems:

– Cheap pedals tend to provide a buzzing sound.
– They always seem to make a popping sound at some stage when activated/deactivated which Worries me as I don’t think its great for the amp.
– I have a fishman amp which gives my Uke a warm tone. The pedals make this more of a synthesised sound.

When I add up what I need it’s really only a looper with two loopers on it (Ditto x4), decent reverb, delay and compressor. It comes out at around $200 a pedal.. $800.

What I decided to do instead is.. Use Ableton live and buy a x3 USB pedal off eBay (they are like $20).

This way you can use all of the effects via Ableton plus map the Ableton Loopers to the USB pedal giving you 3x separate loopers you can activate with your foot.

Obviously can’t be used for live performance when busking but for home studio you can get a professional sound and functionality for less than a $100.

My next upgrade will be my Uke so splashing $800 on pedals on my little Cordoba Uke $250 might be overkill.