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    We have an amazing opportunity to ask Joe Souza, co-founder of Kanile’a Ukulele, any ukulele related question! Here are a couple example questions:

    “How does Kanile’a build ukuleles?”

    “What’s the difference between Hawaiian Koa wood and Milo wood?”

    The question possibilities are endless; so put on your thinking caps and ask a great question (you can ask up to two questions)! If your question makes our soon to be released, “Top 5 Q&A with Kanile’a” video, you’ll be rewarded with an extra entry into our $1800 Kanile’a K-1 Premium Koa ukulele giveaway!



    1) You can post up to 2 questions. Please post both questions on the SAME POST.

    2) You do not need to be a premium member to participate. Basic membership (free) is required to submit a reply on this forum post. You can sign up for Basic Membership HERE.

    3) Submit your question(s) by Friday, October 12th, 11:59 PM EST.


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    Thanks Andrew – this is cool!
    My two questions are:
    Does the amount of gloss/finish on a uke affect the tone?
    How does the shape or position of the sound hole affect the sound? Is a sound hole with an image a bad idea?


    What is it about this ukulele that makes it cost $1800?


    What’sthe difference in build between your K1 Premium Soprano and your Islander line, say MSS Islander Solid Mahogany? I love my Islander and I’m sure I’d love a Kanile’a!


    My question is, Does every Ukulele that comes out of Kanile’a has a specific or special set up process?


    My $50 Mitchell soprano sounds good to me. But this is my first musical instrument ever. How do I know when I am ready to upgrade?

    Should my next step be a tenor, concert or stick with a soprano?


    What is the best kind of bridge pin ? Bone,Plastic,Metal,Ebony. Same question for saddles and nut? Bone,Tusq, Nubone. Thank’s


    Mine is a two part question:
    A) How does Kanile’a achieve its volume and long sustain that sets it apart from other ukulele makers?
    B) Is it derived from the unique bracing system and if so, how does it make a difference in the sound?

    Thanks for the extra chance at such an amazing uke!


    Question #1. Is it best to stick to a particular size of ukulele? For example, I found that when I had multiple sizes, I had trouble switching between them. So I now stick with Concert size. I am wondering if that is normal?

    Question #2. What is your funniest story, having to do with building ukuleles?


    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!!
    My questions are,

    How much different does this instrument performer from my regular, $150 ukulele?

    Was this ukulele handmade, to get such a shiny finish?


    thanks for the opportunity!
    1. Why Kanile’a Ukes sound more woody (earthy) than other K brand? How do you achieve this?
    2. What is the hardest part in making a Ukulele

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    will the wide nut width be easier for finger picking? and is it suitable for small hand?

    Why ebony is an upgrade in your website? will it affect the sound quality?


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    Thanks for the opportunity to participate! My two questions are:
    1. Is there a specific reason or advantage why Kanile’a incorporates bridge pin styled bridges in their designs?
    2. There has been some talk about restrictions of using popular tonewoods that are becoming depleted, such as rosewood and koa. Are any of these restrictions affecting Kanile’a currently, and what is the plan for the future if these woods become prohibited for use?


    Hi! I have two questions.

    Firstly, what inspired you to start up the brand Kanile’a?

    Next, what is your favorite ukulele brand aside from Kanile’a?


    This question is two fold.
    1. What is it about your TRU bracing system that makes such a difference to the intonation & sustain of the instrument?
    2. As a novice what should I be looking for in terms of bracing – how would I spot “bad” bracing?

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