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    Any chance on a possible baritone ukulele/ tenor guitar lessons. Would gladly pay a second monthly subscription for basicaly a different instrument. Giving the current standard ukulele users our typical lessons but also transposing the same song to baritone for people interested in baritone arrangement and we can pay the extra ammount for the extra arrangement.


    Just wondering, but why do you want it transposed? If you just play the songs as they are, you will get the same thing in a different key. Most of them are instrumentals, so it’s not like it affects your singing or anything.


    Mainly due to high gcea to standard dgbe doesn’t sound right with the songs I’ve been playing


    The site’s low G songs should sound right, don’t they? Maybe focus on those?


    Lisa is correct, any low G song will work for baritone, although you’ll be in a different key.

    I do want to add baritone lessons in the future, but I’ll need to send out a survey to gauge interest. We did that awhile back and unfortunately, there just wasn’t a lot of interest. But the site has grown a lot and I’m curious if that remains the same or has changed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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