Low G Ukulele Songs

Low G Ukulele Songs

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Level 1


Johann Sebastian Bach

This classical duet demonstrates counterpoint, whereas there are two melodies that move independently of one another. One melody is played by the ukulele and the other by the U-Bass.

Level 3

Fingerpicking Etude no. 17

Rock Class 101 Original

In this etude, you’ll learn how to subtly use dynamics to create a significant emotional impact.

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In our inaugural lesson for Low G ukulele, you'll learn Taimane’s hauntingly beautiful composition, “Moon”.

Concept Lessons

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Spice Up Your Rhythm Playing - EP010

In this lesson, you’ll learn 8 ways to vary your rhythm playing. The big takeaway here is that these concepts can be applied to any song, helping you to expand your rhythmic playing vocabulary.

* Songs that feature a blue asterisk include play-along backing tracks.
* All Songs feature complete Tabs, Chord Graphs, and Notation. Click HERE for a detailed explanation on how to read sheet music.