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    The beatles – Here comes the sun 🎵 (Not much of a singer so its an instrumental) Your post is your property so protect it #respect #the #greats . . Hope you have a nice day and a great weekend! 🙏😁 . . . Thank you @rockclass101 for the lesson. Andrew you're the man🙏 please follow him & check out his youtube videos. He's very talented, helpful & a great teacher! . . . #classics #beatleslove #beatlescover #bewhoyouwant #bewhoyouwanttobe #findyourself #whynotnow #personaldevelopement #vaibhavvirmani #findyourpassion #ukulelediaries #acousticcover #ukulelecover #instrumentalmusic #ilearntthistoday #ukulele #rockriff #ukulelelove #instrumentals #uku #classicrockmusic #summersun #summerishere #summer #rockclass101

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    I have been learning since September, 2017. I have never played a stringed instrument before. Its a bit tough with 2 herniated disc’s in my neck. But the methods taught here I can totally vouch for!
    After finding Rockclass101 I feel like I have grown, the fear of playing a stringed instrument has withered away and its a great distraction(from the pain)

    I have attached a link to my Instagram( which has a video of me playing it but way better than I imagined I would ever play. Still a bit rusty so bear with me.

    Thank you for your time.
    To Andrew & everyone here at Rockclass101, Thanks for the free lessons & have a good day!
    You guys are doing such an amazing job.

    Vaibhav Virmani

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    • This topic was modified 4 years, 9 months ago by breakoutnow.

    Vaibhav, way to go! You are rocking for such a short time of playing, bravo! I hope your pain subsides, I know all too well about repetitive stain injury and struggle with pain everyday 🙁 Hopeful that one day it will end!

    Keep playing and sharing! I look forward to your next video!


    Thank you so much Andrew! I grew up hearing a lot of rock music so many of the tunes are etched my memory. This platform makes it a whole lot easier so kudos to you.

    Oh man sorry to hear that, I would advise getting some tests done related to RSI/ Diet/Cbc and a good chiropractor to fully assess where your at (they will advise you better on the remaining tests as Im not a doctor I cant pin point the tests- sorry)

    There are a bunch of exercises on youtube, you should have a look
    found these as I was curious about RSI

    A tweak in your diet & routine perhaps? Take a break man, it ain’t worth it
    Hope you get better soon.



    Actually, I have been in PT since May of last year. It has helped a lot! And before that, I had seen doctors, hand surgeons, etc… none of which were helpful until I met my current PT. Things are much better these days, still a long road to go. Thanks for all the links and the kind words!


    Sorry for the late reply
    That’s great, hear hope you feel better

    Turmeric and ginger help reduce inflammatory pain while kava kava, chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, hops, and jatamansi/spikenard (the “Indian valerian”) help combat tension-related pain. And since chronic pain is often a combination of inflammation and tension, these herbs are often sold in combination formulas but I would advise getting them individually to see what works for you – I went to an Ayurved last time I got injured so she gave me some tips, thought Id share it

    Have a good one bro

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